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Health MOT and nutrition advice from Halton fitness professionals

The comprehensive report and written advice is exceptional value and provides the guidance you would normally associate with expert health screening organisations.

Robin Garside, Gym member

Health check

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For members wishing to participate in weekly Health Challenge activities, contact

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Halton Health and Fitness Club offer three different levels of health check. All highlight your strengths and areas to improve, can be used to monitor your progress and come with your bespoke written feedback report. To help you decide which health check is best for you, take a look at the offerings table for a comparison between the three.

Click on a health check below for a more detailed description of what is involved in each:

The health check is suitable for all ages and abilities to obtain an overall view of your health and fitness. The health check can also help you get the most out of your gym programme and improve your tennis.

Following your health check, you will be provided with a written feedback report. The written feedback report outlines each assessment, details and interprets your score and explains this in detail to you.  The report is clear and concise, using colour and diagrams to help make it easy to understand. Following this, you are able to contact us with any questions you might have. Additional services are available to support you following your health check, including: personal training, physiotherapy, Pilates, sports massage and acupuncture.

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