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Health MOT and nutrition advice from Halton fitness professionals

I knew nutrition was important but not what I should or shouldn't eat. Being told clearly what changes to make to my diet has been really beneficial. I feel healthier and perform better.

Erika Dodridge

Nutrition & diet

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We focus on the 3 Rs - putting the Right fuel (food and liquids) into your body at the Right time and in the Right amounts.

We help you to understand how this can help improve your performance as well as feeling much better in day to day life.

We will help guide you to monitor and manage your nutrition and diet so it becomes second nature and part of your lifestyle rather than a fad diet approach that we all know is going to be short term.

Last but not least we help you link nutrition and your diet into your leisure activities, perhaps as part of your gym training programme or linked directly to your sporting / leisure activities

So remember the 3 Rs!

  • Right Fuel
  • Right Amounts
  • Right Time