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Sports Psychology at Halton

The benefits of what I worked through with Simon have been so profound as to consider them life-changing. I do not make that statement lightly.

Nick R, 45

Sports Psychology Programme

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This amazing programme helps you create strong psychological and emotional foundations in order to play at your peak and feel in control. It equips you with the knowledge and insight to be free of anxiety – to truly thrive in pressured situations. This programme offers a completely fresh and unique approach: It’s NOT therapy, counselling or CBT. It’s unique…and it works!

  • Duration: Four x 60 minute sessions
  • Cost: £395
  • Individual tailored weekly sessions with your personal Consultant
  • Bespoke analysis and psychological training
  • Suitable for all ages

How does it work?

The programme involves four, one-to-one sessions with your personal Consultant. The weekly sessions are empowering, insightful, fun and easy to understand.

Can it help me?

Absolutely! This programme is suitable for adults and children who want to get the very best out of themselves and their sporting capabilities. This programme has been proven to be highly successful for many thousands of people.


Session one
  • Beliefs: How you create negative, limiting beliefs about yourself and their impact on your play.
  • Control: How much control you believe you have over the experiences in your life and why this is vital to making changes.
  • Confirmation Bias: Why you are harmfully seeking out evidence that only supports your limiting beliefs and how to challenge that.
Session two
  • Self-belief: How your own view of yourself can determine how effective you are. How to build great self-esteem.
  • Misuse of Imagination: How your own imagination is standing in your way. How to use your imagination effectively.
  • Processing Positively: The skill of processing experiences positively and why this is vital for creating new positive beliefs.
Session three
  • Anxiety: How real-time and anticipatory anxiety affect your ability to focus within pressured circumstances.
  • Stress Responses: How anxiety and stress affects your thinking, feelings and emotions.
  • Thinking Styles: The nine thinking tendencies and how to get the best out of the way you think.
Session four
  • Mind Your Language: How the language that you use determines the way in which you approach your challenges.
  • Goal Setting: Using the SMART acronym, learn how to set valuable, achievable goals with persistent and continuous effort.
  • The DREAM Technique: How to establish and maintain a positive Thriving mind-set.