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Disabled tennis player on court

The girls loved your sessions, energy and enthusiasum. It was an all win situation, as we all learnt so much, and cannot thank you enough for committing your time to our School.

Denise Knibbs, Alfriston School

Halton Disability Tennis

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Halton Tennis Centre is a well established provider of disability tennis programmes for children and adults alike, with over 10 years experience. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and nurturing environment for everyone.

Our aim is to motivate, inspire and enable people of all abilities, through the power of tennis and sport, to achieve the best they can whilst making friends and having fun along the way!

You don't have to 'fit' into one of these sessions. We are happy to help find a suitable way to get you on court, regardless of your age, ability or background - even if we create a new session specifically for you or your group.

We also run numerous mini festivals throughout the year for a consortium of SEN schools in conjunction with the South Bucks Partnership and at the PACE Centre in Aylesbury.

In addition Karen Atkinson, LTA Tennis Coach, Chiltern Gate delivers session to girls aged 10‐15 years with special needs at Alfriston School in Beaconsfield and Chiltern Gate School in High Wycombe.

Please note the club's facilities are open to everyone, including the Pavilion bar and restaurant, the mini-tennis courts, table tennis tables, multi‐use games area, etc.

We offer a wide range of weekly sessions through our Everyball programme:

Down's Syndrome (DS Active) – 5 to 18 years

Every Saturday during term time 1-2pm for 5 to 18 years

With the younger children we start with spongey tennis balls in the Mini Zone. We play lots of fun tennis and ball games, to help develop agility, balance and co‐ordination skills. We're always running, throwing, jumping, hitting and laughing throughout the whole session!

With the older players, they can develop their techniques and start to understand ball and racket characteristics, still having fun!

Then if they’re ready and wanting to, they can move into mainstream lessons and fully integrate into the Everyball programme, with the adults, it’s the same! Just arranged on a different day.

Wheelchair users

All ages

Wheelchair tennis is one of the fastest growing wheelchair sports in the world. It integrates very easily with the non-disabled game, since it can be played on any regular tennis court with no modification to rackets or balls. Note: Wheelchair tennis players are allowed two bounces of the ball (the second bounce may also occur outside the court). In partnership with Phil Hill at Stoke Mandeville. Phil also delivers monthly wheelchair tennis sessions for the National Spinal Injury Centres in Stoke Mandeville and Stanmore. For more information contact Phil on 07900 107953 or email philhill@everyball.net.

Visually impaired

Every Weds 12-­1pm for adults

Blind and visually impaired tennis was founded in Japan in 1984 and is played on a smaller tennis court using smaller rackets and audible balls. Players who are totally blind are allowed three bounces, while partially sighted players are allowed two bounces.

We play with sound balls, larger foam balls that make a noise when moving, so the player can hear them. We play on hard acrylic courts in the Mini Zone, a smaller contained area.

We totally flex the programme to suit you and have partially sighted and blind players enjoying the games together. We develop co-­ordination, balance, racket skills and have several players serving and rallying out points together every week!

Then if you’re ready and wanting to, there are Visually Impaired tennis tournaments and competitions available for you to enter into.

We are proud to work with Bucks Vision and the Metropolitan Sports & Social Club for the Visually Impaired.

Learning difficulties

Every Tues 5-­6pm for children / every Weds 3-4pm for adults

We run school and adult sessions throughout the year, across all age ranges within the county. They are currently arranged through local schools and adult support groups and we encourage players to join the local community and our club. Mencap, MacIntyre and Alfriston School participate in the tennis sessions run by Halton.

Inclusive Tennis Festival

Each year we hold an Inclusive Tennis Festival. The afternoon usually kicks off at 1pm with a wheelchair tennis demonstration and is followed by a whole range of activities designed to involve all ages and disabilities, as well as families and friends.

Children's tennis included fun games for local youngsters with Learning Disabilities and Down's Syndrome. Other typical activities on the day included fastest serve, Babolat Racket tests, face painting, rowing competitions, Tombola, live music and a demonstration from Halton's Performance Tennis Players.


Halton Tennis Centre's facilities are accessible to wheelchair users, with indoor courts, toilets, showers and access via a ramp to the Pavilion Café and Bar. We also provide wheelchairs designed for tennis and have a full range of equipment including racket and balls, specifically designed for people with a visual impairment.

Please do note, we welcome people of all abilities in our mainstream club sessions and squads.