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Visually impaired player

I thought the welcome, organisation, and kind but fuss-free approach of the coaches and everybody else was simply excellent, the best thing of its kind I have ever experienced.

Peter Bosher

Blind/visually impaired/deaf

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View Peter Bosher, one of Halton's Visually Impaired Tennis Players, playing a rally and serving


Listen to a BBC Radio 4 In Touch Programme piece about visually impaired tennis

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Blind and visually impaired tennis was founded in Japan in 1984 and is played on a smaller tennis court using smaller rackets and an audible ball. Players who are totally blind are allowed three bounces while partially sighted players are allowed two bounces.

Deaf tennis has a long history in British tennis and playing the sport requires no adaption bar communication. Many players compete at hearing tournaments and can represent their country at the Deaflympics and Dresse & Maere Cup every four years.

Our sessions don't just provide fun and physical exercise but are also an excellent opportunity for socialising in a relaxed and stimulating environment. Recently, we gave our visually impaired members the chance to experience glider flight; a resounding success reported by the Bucks Herald - click here to read more and see a video of the experience, which also introduces visually impaired tennis.

We are proud to work with Bucks Vision and the Metropolitan Sports & Social Club for the Visually Impaired.

Coach Alex Barnes and player Peter Bosher discuss
visually impaired tennis