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Visually impaired player

I thought the welcome, organisation, and kind but fuss-free approach of the coaches and everybody else was simply excellent, the best thing of its kind I have ever experienced.

Peter Bosher

Visually impaired tennis

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View Peter Bosher, one of Halton's Visually Impaired Tennis Players, playing a rally and serving


Listen to a BBC Radio 4 In Touch Programme piece about visually impaired tennis

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Welcome to the Everyball VI tennis programme!

Blind and visually impaired tennis was founded in Japan in 1984 and is played on a smaller tennis court using smaller rackets and audible balls. Players who are totally blind are allowed three bounces, while partially sighted players are allowed two bounces.

At Everyball tennis, we have dedicated passionate coaches, here to inspire you to learn how to play tennis, make new friends and have a great time! We have a carefully developed tennis programme that we flex and adapt to suit all abilities!

Every Weds 12-­1pm for adults.

We play with sound balls, larger foam balls that make a noise when moving, so the player can hear them. We play on hard acrylic courts in the Mini Zone, a smaller contained area.

We totally flex the programme to suit you and have partially sighted and blind players enjoying the games together. We develop co-­ordination, balance, racket skills and have several players serving and rallying out points together every week!

Then if you’re ready and wanting to, there are Visually Impaired tennis tournaments and competitions available for you to enter into.

We are proud to work with Bucks Vision and the Metropolitan Sports & Social Club for the Visually Impaired.