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Tennis players with learning disabilities at Halton

The Disability Tennis Festival was such a vibrant day, full of physical fun. All of your coaches, catering staff, members, and not least Alex (Mr Fantastic), were amazing.

Denise Knibbs, Alfriston School

Down's Syndrome Tennis

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07582 159583

Welcome to our DS Active – Down’s Syndrome tennis programme!

At Everyball tennis, we have dedicated, passionate coaches, here to inspire your child to learn how to play tennis, make new friends and have a great time! We have a carefully developed tennis programme that we flex and adapt to suit all abilities.

Every Saturday during term time 1-2pm for 5 to 18 years.

With the younger children we start with spongey tennis balls in the Mini Zone. We play lots of fun tennis and ball games, to help develop agility, balance and co‐ordination skills. We’re always running, throwing, jumping, hittng and laughing throughout the whole session!

With the older players, they can develop their techniques and start to understand ball and racket characteristics, still having fun!

Then if they’re ready and wanting to, they can move into mainstream lessons and fully integrate into the Everyball programme. With the adults, it’s the same! Just arranged on a different day. Please contact tom.mayer@everyball.net or sue.commins@everyball.net.