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Alex Barnes leading a wheelchair tennis session

Halton Inclusive Tennis is making it easier for those with disabilities to enjoy tennis at every level.

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One of the fastest growing wheelchair sports in the world, wheelchair tennis integrates very easily with the non-disabled game since it can be played on any regular tennis court, with no modifications to rackets or balls. Wheelchair tennis players are allowed two bounces of the ball (the second bounce may also occur outside the court) and therefore can play against other wheelchair tennis players, and alongside or against non-disabled friends and family. We also use specifically designed wheelchairs to enhance movement and play.

Wheelchair tennis has been a Paralympic sport since the Atlanta games in 1996 and a quad division was introduced in 2004 for players with limited mobility in one of their upper limbs too. It's also played at Grand Slam level in three categories: Men, Ladies, and Quads, and each category has singles and doubles tournaments. Quads is the category for those with quadriplegia and it is sometimes called Mixed, especially at the Paralympic Games. Quads players can hold rackets taped to the hand and use electric-powered wheelchairs.

Wheelchair tennis for juniors

Community outreach

We are proud to extend our wheelchair tennis offering into our local community where inclusive access to tennis can help make a difference. We deliver monthly wheelchair tennis sessions for the National Spinal Injury Centres in Stoke Mandeville and Stanmore, plus Alfriston School participates in regular tennis sessions run by Halton.