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The real enthusiasm, professionalism and positive approach of the coaches and staff are what set Halton apart.

Paul Dean, parent

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Olympic Legacy

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Training for junior competition players at HaltonUK & Everyball Tennis begins with our Aspire to Perform Pre-Academy Programme  which houses our our Aspirantes (Red ball), Promesas and Futuros (Orange and Green ball) and Performance Team (yellow ball 11&U-16&U) squads.

From 12 years old onwards players may progress into our Aspire to Excel Academy programme which includes our Academy afternoon and evening sessions, over-night boarding (from September 2018 onwards), bespoke strength and conditioning programmes, and tournament support.

What makes us unique?

Our academy programme sits on top of a vibrant club with all it's different tennis and social activities and extremely attractive family feel where athletes immediately feel secure and at home. This gives us the best opportunity to then create a high challenge high support performance environment, driven by our Everyball Way (philosophy, promise, values, beliefs, and methodology).

We have a superbly experienced and qualified team using our world class facilities as well as our own unique natural surroundings that support the development of our player's games, character and resilience.

We are easily accessible, 40 minutes from London by train and close to motorway links, but in the heart of the beautiful Buckinghamshire and Chiltern Countryside.

At the heart of our academy programme is the development of our 4 R's (Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Reflection) and our definition of winning: 'to go as far as you can using all you've got!'

We have a rich history of developing players to national and international level whilst producing well over 100 county singles champions from 5 different counties over the last 15 years!  Many of these players have gone on to successful U.S and UK University careers or in some cases the professional tour.

In fact, our PROV3 programme now supports aspiring but vulnerable (due to minimal earning potential) professional tennis players, with Beth Grey (WTA ranked 592) being our Pro Player Ambassador.

Katie Dunne