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Jemima King, now a coach at Halton Tennis Centre

It was the best decision I've made to play college tennis and I've been enjoying training and competing for Catawba. I'm getting a degree but also playing tennis at the same time.

Jack Mordey

USA college & UK university tennis

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For promising junior tennis players an increasingly popular post A-level option is to apply for a tennis scholarship.  As a student athlete one has the opportunity to study for a globally recognised degree while participating in a highly competitive collegiate circuit. We can help you understand opportunities within the US or the options now available at Universities in Great Britain.

US Tennis Scholarships

The US tennis experience would give you the following:

  • Experience of being in a team
  • A Personal Team Coach
  • Physiotherapy and rehab support
  • Travel across the US playing other colleges in team and individual events
  • Improving your game in singles and doubles
  • World class facilities within which to train and play
  • Sponsorship for rackets, clothing and shoes
  • Education cost savings – up to 100% for girls and 50% for boys
  • Scholarship fees covering tuition, books, accommodation & food

Boise State logoI graduated from Boise State University in 2004. I thoroughly enjoyed my time travelling to different colleges to play dual matches, having a team around me, experiencing American life, seeing my game improve tenfold and gaining a Psychology degree along the way. I honestly believe that if you are a player that wants to continue improving their game to a high level and stay in education then this is your answer.

US Tennis Scholarships helped Bucks player Jack Mordey receive a scholarship to Catawaba State University.

My mission is to make the difficult application process as easy as possible and to help find the best scholarship and the right college for you.

Jemima King

Bucks New University

Bucks New University

The Halton Tennis Centre is delighted to support the Bucks New University foundation degrees in Applied Coaching Science and Sports Club Management. Both degrees offer a strong practical option for students to gain a formal qualification with minimum disruption to their working life. All Halton Tennis Centre coaches and students are encouraged to consider them. For specific course information have a look at the the University pages for FDA Applied Coaching Science and FDA Sports Club Management.

US collegiate scholarship & UK university entrants


Gavin McKinlay - Loughborough

Tor Pisani - Arkansas State

Claudia Marsala - Jacksonville State

Michael Patch - Catawba College


Owen Richards - Manchester/Loughborough

James Gammell - University of Charleston

Jack Mordey - Catawba College


Stuart Pugh - University of Bristol

James Blane - Portsmouth

Daniel Lewis - Portsmouth

Alex Clark - University of Missouri


Lereesa Easterbrook - University of Nottingham

Kathryn Sharples - University of Chicago


Cameron Malik - University of Stirling

Emilia Osborne - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Sam Humphrey - University of Charleston

2007 Simon Childs - Louisville
2006 Julia Bone - Loughborough
2005 Matt Brown - Baylor

Claire Hamilton - Loughborough

Helen Lawson - Bournemouth


Emily Quin - University of Bath

Helen Adams - Nottingham


Jemima King - Boise State

Helen Lawson - Boise State

Claire Hamilton - New Mexico State

Helen Adams - West Virginia

1994 Celia Bristow - New Mexico