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It's so good to attend a course that is run by passionate people about a great sport! A professionally hosted course as well!

Jon Keens, attendee, CHILDS/Sanchez-Casal Coaches' Workshop

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Winning: "Identifying, gathering and mobilising all our resources to go as far as we can."

The Chiltern Institute of Learning, Development and Sport (CHILDS) is a new initiative at Halton dedicated to helping teams and individuals WIN, and utiilises our fantastic new conference facilities.

As Halton's professional and personal development & learning division, CHILDS activities include:

  • Eupsychia days: using our 'Playing to Win' model, Eupsychia days are team-building, confidence boosting, morale raising, cooperative experiential events for teams and groups
  • Curious Cow Talks: evening meetings designed to spread ideas and spark curiosity within and beyond our community
  • Workshops and Courses:
    • Leadership
    • Parenting for performance
    • Effective communication and negotiation skills
    • The business of coaching
    • Developing sustainable club business models
    • CV development for athletes in career transition
    • more
  • Access funding: CHILDS will source and access funding for emerging talent - 2016 and beyond, developing the Olympic Legacy of 2012
  • Participation in sport in the region: Encourage grass roots and participation across all sports in the region; CHILDS will act as a promotions and marketing champion