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Halto circuit training

Whatever your fitness or ability, Dom, with his good humour, manages to make a circuit session fun as well as good exercise.

Pooh Ballentine

Circuit & gym classes

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You don't have to be a member to enjoy our circuits and gym classes - they are fun and motivating ways to get a high quality workout. They are suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels as each exercise can be tailored accordingly. Essentially you work as hard as you want under the guidance and encouragement of the class leader. With the limitless possibilities of exercises, you can guarantee that you will not get bored!

There are a wide range of classes available for members and non-members to enjoy. Contact individual instructors for prices and availability.

Class timetable

All classes available to Non-Members & Off-Peak Members. Please contact class organisers for more information or to book using links below.

Day Time Location Class Organiser
Monday 06.30-07.15 Outdoor Training Area Push/Pull/Jump
(Free to full members)
Monday 12.00-13.00 Gym Floor Circuit Class Dom
Monday 18.30-19.30 Outdoor Training Area Boot Camp Jason
Tuesday 19.10-19.50 Outdoor Training Area HIIT – High Intensity
(Free to full members)
Thursday 19.00-20.00 Acrylic Dome (indoor tennis courts nearest the gym)

Cardio Tennis
(Free to full members)

No booking required
Thursday 19.30-20.15 Outdoor Training Area

(Free to full members)

Saturday 08.30-09.30 Outdoor Training Area Boot Camp
(Free to full members)
Saturday 08.30-09.30 Gym Floor Supervised Group Gym Class  Helen
Saturday 09.45-10.45 Covered Outdoor Training Area Total Core Helen