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Personal training with Jon Price at Halton Health & Fitness Club

The whole team provide great motivation; they know their stuff and I’m really happy with how I feel now.

Peter, 43

Goal: Stay fit and strong

Personal training

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Imagine having your own trainer to motivate you, push you and ensure that you’re focused on the right areas. If you’re serious about working out, it’s so much easier with our Personal Trainers, and more fun too...

Why do I need a Personal Trainer?

Irrespective of your age or fitness ability, a Personal Trainer can provide you with the motivation, advice and encouragement that will give your workouts an amazing boost. Whether you need some extra help training for an event, an upcoming holiday or for a longer-term arrangement, having your own trainer is the best way to achieve your goals sooner. It’s not just about what you can achieve in the gym; your trainer can also provide advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes, all geared up to helping you achieve your goals faster.

Fitness training for all abilities at Halton

What qualifications do our trainers have?

All of our Personal Trainers are registered with REP’S (Registered Exercises Professionals). They all undertake continued training to ensure they follow the latest thinking and specialist knowledge available.

What can a personal trainer do for me?

Whatever your goals and objectives, our trainers will spend time getting to know you and design a program to best achieve your individual needs. Our Personal Trainers can help with weight loss, building muscle, general fitness, gaining greater confidence, improving self-esteem and, through working in partnership with the Halton Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, we offer rehabilitation from injury as well.

Before and after personal trainer pictures

Client comment

"So refreshing to be trained by enthusiastic trainers. My trainer has totally understood my requirement and given me an achievable program that includes the vital nutritional requirements. I have lost weight, my measurements have come down and my before and after shots look fantastic it has also improved my confidence whilst motivating me to my 2014 target of completing my first Olympic Triathlon."
Lize Franklin , 41. Goal: September Triathlon

Personal fitness training - personal trainer Jon Price