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Barresculpt classes are available at Halton health & Fitness Club

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Nathan Bowden

Balance, Mind & Body team

Our Studio team are here to assist you to get fitter, feel better and learn more about healthy living.

Elaine MacWhirter

Elaine MacWhirter

Certified Pilates Instructor
07515 252331 |

Elaine is a Chartered Physiotherapist as well as a certified Pilates Instructor so has an in-depth knowledge of the body which ensures that even in a class situation exercises are tailored to individuals needs. Elaine has been teaching Pilates since 2002 and has established a loyal Pilates community at Balance Mind & Body Studio. Elaine is committed to developing her Pilates repertoire by attending external courses and enjoys bringing new challenges to her classes! She uses a variety of small equipment to keep classes interesting and diverse. Elaine is also available for 2:1 or 1:1 sessions.

See Elaine's 10 minute introduction to Pilates on YouTube here.

For more information or to book a class please contact Elaine via her website: www.physioandpilatesinbucks.com

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Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson

Fletcher Pilates® Instructor
01442 864 013 / 07843 849175 | Email Matt

As a qualified Judo coach, Matt enjoys teaching movement in all its forms. He is always looking to improve and add to his knowledge and practice. He also knows well the benefits of Pilates in sports as well as every day living. He started Pilates as part of a Physiotherapy Program in 2012. Finding it invaluable, he decided to take it up as a career and qualified in 2015. He has also completed courses in Exercise Referral and has, in 2019, become a qualified Fletcher Pilates® Instructor. Matt is currently working towards certification with the National Pilates Certification Program.

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Annabel Morrisey

Annabel Francis

Yoga Alliance Qualified Yoga Teacher
07595 896661 | Email Annabel

Annabel qualified with distinction as a Yoga Teacher having practiced yoga herself since 2001. With a running background, she is keen to promote the benefits of a regular yoga practice, not just for runners but for all sports. Yoga's unique versatility offers an excellent complement to sport, and is suitable for everyone, helping to improve strength and coordination, prevent injury and rebalance both the body and mind. Annabel's classes are based on a Hatha Flow style of yoga, meaning postures are connected with movement and breathing to create heat within the body, whilst holding the postures improves strength and flexibility.

Yoga-Stretch, strengthen, improve your flexibility, boost your energy and mood.  The benefits of yoga have been tried and tested for centuries.  Zest Yoga offers classes to suit all levels and combines modern anatomy-based movement with traditional yoga postures to challenge both body and mind. Whether you're new to yoga or have a regular practice, there is a class to suit all with a focus on exploring individual movement. Classes include Yoga for Sport, Beginner’s Yoga and Flow Yoga.

Find Annabel at www.zest-yoga.com

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Harriet Moran-Smith

Harriet Moran-Smith

Barresculpt Instructor
Email Harriet

Harriet studied ballet from the age of 3 training at The Royal Ballet School and with the Birmingham Royal Ballet. She has been trained by some of the World’s most elite ballet dancers including Jonathan Cope and Irek Mukhamedov. After a long and successful career, Harriet left the dancing world behind to start a family. After she stopped dancing she searched for a fitness class that could tone her body in the same way that ballet had, but couldn’t find anything that compared. So she decided to use her knowledge and expertise to create a new ballet inspired workout so that everyone can tone their body like a dancer.

Watch a video on Barrescult here and find out more at www.barresculpt.co.uk

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Ali Newell

Ali Newell

Abdominals, Core & Pelvic Floor Class Instructor
Email Ali

I have been a fitness instructor in the chilterns area for over 35 years. I'm a founder member of FitProUK. Along the way I've launched STEP Aerobic in the 90's, taught many genres of fitness, mentored instructors , lectured , consulted & written published articles. My years of experience with [mainly] women from many backgrounds & circumstances has given me a great deal of perspective and a huge learning curve. And , like so many of my clients, I've also had a very challenging personal life. Thus, I have developed my own unique instructing style.

Mission Statement:
Don't live your life just to be fit, just be fit enough to live your life.
Are you a Peri, Present or Post-Menopausal woman with no desire to 'Boot Camp' or run for miles or have 'washboard abs' , but still want to work happily hard in good company doing age appropriate effective funky exercise regimes with your peers? Are you are daunted or uninspired by exercise, or feel uncomfortable in big gyms or strict personal training? Perhaps you are a very mature novice or still technically post-natal because you've not formally exercised since your last ( grown up) baby? Are you struggling with weight, injury, health issues or post - operative rehabilitation? Then I aim to help. At Halton I offer a class that specialises in Abdominals Core & Pelvic Floor fitness, incorporating correct gait and posture. So, if you are 'fifty-ish' with a couple of 'issues' , don't want to pretend to be 25 but utterly not ready to be plopped into the OAP category please feel free to enquire further for the Halton class or others. Please see my website and Facebook Page for my Biog, Testimonials, Forums , Timetable for classes & P.T. & Contact info.

Watch my introduction video here.

All enquiries are most welcome & your consultation is free. I do look forward to hearing from you.

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Melina Williams

Melina Williams

Nia Instructor
07548 520192 | Email Melina

Melina lives locally in Wendover and has been practising Nia since her 2-year old was a baby and she wanted to find a fun way to get fit that was good for both body and mind and then she was recommended by a health practitioner friend to try Nia. After discovering that it was a wonderful way to get fit for both body and mind, she went on to train as an instructor and obtained a Whitebelt, enabling her to teach and bring Nia to her local community.

View a video of Melina's Nia class here.

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Corinne Mandard-Wood

Corinne Mandard-Wood

Strength & Balance Instructor
07988 649275 | Email Corinne | Facebook

Corinne is an experienced Exercise to Music teacher with an interested in helping older adults improve their aerobic health, balance, strength and flexibility. Corinne qualified as a Move it or Lose it instructor in 2019 and is now offering Strength and Balance classes in Halton Studio in partnership with Active in the Community.

See Corinne on Youtube here.

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