News & Events

News & Events

There is always lots happening at Halton from changes to facilities to year-round activities. Here you’ll find reports on the many projects and initiatives we oversee to ensure Halton stays a step ahead in terms of quality of service and offerings while also forging a cleaner, greener set of facilities for all to enjoy. Plus, of course, we also showcase the many social events, tournaments and additional services on offer.


Wed 5th June
Ladies tournament – 9.30am – to enter email

Sun 9th June
Launch of MemberCup – 6pm

Mon 17th – Fri 21st June
RAF champs

Mon 1st – Fri 5th July
RAF Nurses Tournament

Thu 18th July
RAF Tennis For All

Wed 24th July – Fri 30th August
Mini and Junior Camp – minis 9-12, juniors 9-12, and 1-4pm – click here to book

Sat 7th September
HVLTC Festival of Tennis – Finals Day, Adults and Juniors

Sun 29th September
Waves Tournament – Adults

Sun 6th October
Adult End of Season Tournament 9.45am – 12noon


5th June 2024 / Recent rains

As the rains continued through May our courts were saturated like never before. Over 16,000 drainage holes have been drilled across our 6 courts to help alleviate the pressure of our high water table and when a flash flood came the courts stood up to the challenge!

Torrential rains at Halton
Drainage holes for the courts

May 2024

Singles Box Leagues

Our box leagues are a great success and great fun! Please contact Roy, our head coach, if you wish to join the Singles Box League – there are currently 10 boxes with some 50 members playing singles every month, so lots of opportunities to meet and play singles.


Our 1st dedicated pickleball court is being prepared – just need some decent painting weather now.

Pickleball court

Solar panels for the gym – UPDATE!

The scaffolding has gone – a very neat job – 73 panels up and running – just need lots of sunshine!

Solar panels - newly installed on gym roof

Solar / the brains behind the solar panels that you never see.

Solar panel controls

New Club sessions

There are two extra tennis club sessions for members on Monday 27th May.

1. Mix-in 10.00am – 11.30am
2. Rusties/drills 11.30am – 1.00pm

In addition, Everyball tennis are running a series of Pickleball sessions during May, for members and non-members.
The next sessions are on Sunday 12 May 1.30pm-3pm , Saturday 18 May 6pm-8pm and Monday 27 May 2pm-3.30pm.
To book your place, click here.

Solar panels for the gym

We have just completed the installation of our first solar panels with 73 located on the gym roof, saving us an estimated £10k per year energy and planting some 50 trees each year over it’s lifetime. Plans for next year include 2 more projects at the club to further reduce our reliance on expensive fossil fuels.

Solar panels on the gym roof at Halton

April 2024

Court changes

The big change from artificial grass to lano grand clay is underway. Improved drainage and a new tarmac base will take place during May followed by the clay top later in the summer. A major investment of over £250k but well worthwhile to future proof our tennis facilities.

Our very own garden centre journey has started!

The yard at the rear of the stores has been repurposed from a waste ground to what we hope will be a thriving plant and vegetable growing area. There is a substantial polytunnel for raising seeds and growing indoor crops, as well as holding plants and cuttings for use around the club grounds.

Ollie, Michael and Charlie have worked tirelessly to build this growing space, all while carrying out the myriad of projects and day to day tasks around the club. So thank you to them for their graft and innovation! And thanks to Debbie for all her expertise.

The aim is to grow as many of our own flowers from seed as possible, which will ultimately help keep costs down while we hope maintaining a high standard of plants for the club grounds.

The second goal of the polytunnel, is to grow vegetables, fruits, leaves and herbs for use in the clubhouse kitchen. This first year will be experimental, and with close monitoring we can see what works best. If successful we hope to share any surplus produce with local food banks, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. At this early stage only seedlings are evident, but there is plenty in the pipeline and we’re looking forward to reporting our progress from the ‘The Yard’.

March 2024

New court

A new tennis court is built – making us the proud owners of 11 outdoors and 6 indoor courts as well as 4 dedicated mini courts.





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Carbon Footprint 'Project Zero'

Carbon Footprint 'Project Zero'

Latest update from CEO Nick Leighton: “We were delighted to be invited, as an example of a forward thinking innovative tennis club who have embraced the environmental journey to reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint, to host a “stop over” on the 8th July 2023 for the Ben Nevis to Big Ben Climate Change relay event – 32 days they ran, cycled, hiked, mountain biked, paddled, surfed, skied, swam and dragon boated the baton 2,661km from Ben Nevis to Big Ben!”

Read and watch more about this fantastic event and its media coverage here.

Running Out of Time visitRunning Out of Time visit - playing tennis!Running Out of Time visit - talking to the young playersRunning Out of Time visit

Latest update from CEO Nick Leighton: “We have just changed 3 sets of floodlights from the old halogen bulbs to LED. The resulting saving on energy use is enormous – a 70% reduction from 36kw to 10.8kw. It has also helped reduce our overall carbon footprint by some 5%.”

Our project vision

Our aim at Halton is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2029.

What does carbon neutral mean? The carbon we are emitting as a club is the same as the levels of carbon entering our club. This cycle means we as a club are being more climate conscious.

In our endeavours towards carbon neutrality we utilise the skills of external expert companies for both advice and implementation.

What have we done so far to achieve our goals?

In 2014 we began our carbon neutral journey:

  • We measured our carbon footprint as well as energy consumption  to see just how much carbon we were emitting as a club. This allowed us to develop a baseline so that we can measure our continuous improvements.

  • The review of our carbon footprint consisted of our operations these include but are not limited to our airhalls 10 outdoor floodlit courts 7 floodlit mini courts and therefore we as a club were placed in the heavy usage category with annual bills of over £60k

  • We started with lower level work to limit disruption to the club changing led lights across the site this led to lower running ongoing  costs. We also converted our 2 airhalls, containing 7 courts.

The key data

2014 100%
2019 72%
2022 33%
Projected by 2030 3.5%

  • In 2014 we were producing 282 tonnes of co2 this is shown in our 100% 
  • From 2014 to 2019 we reduced our carbon footprint by 28% 
  • By 2019 our co2 emission had drastically reduced to 121 tonnes
  • From 2019 to 2022 we managed to reduce our carbon footprint again to 33%
  • In 2021 as part of our energy efficient project  we embarked on further investment in all 6 of our main outdoor  courts containing our floodlights by increasing the number of led bulbs this involved switching our 2000 watt halogen bulbs to 900 watts. As a result of this change it led to a further energy reduction of 70% and a 57% carbon reduction in comparison.  In 2022 this investment was finally completed and already we can see the improvements the project has made to our aspirations of net zero
  • In 2022 we estimated a drastic decrease again due to our efforts to convert our halogens to LED not only in the domes but also our 6 outdoor courts. This energy efficient project led to the overall equivalent of 35 houses worth of energy being saved since 2014
  • In 2023 we purchased a new “high tech” engine for one of our domes to trial its efficiency – originally estimated at 30% reduction in usage has in fact  reduced our energy consumption by over 50%
  • In Feb 2024 as a result of the above success, we purchased a second new efficient engine for our other dome which has reduced our energy usage.
  • In April 2024 we installed 73 Solar panels covering the gym roof; it has an ROI of just 4 years, and the equivalent CO2 impact of planting 50 trees per year over the next 20 years.
  • In 2025 we plan to install a ground based Solar array and invest in battery storage.
  • The overall impact of these changes and the £120k investment so far is significant in our journey to be carbon neutral and by 2030 we estimate our realistic carbon emission could be reduced significantly to just 10 tonnes.

To achieve this we first had to understand and measure all the energy sources at the Centre – we are a busy site with multiple buildings utilising 2 different incoming electricity mains and 3 different sets of LPG gas tanks around the site, not to mention 4 boilers!

With our 2 airhalls (comprising 7 courts), 10 outdoor floodlit courts and 7 floodlit mini courts it was obvious that we were in a “heavy” user category with an annual bill of over £60k. We started the journey with a push to reduce waste and attack any low hanging fruit. Investing in LED lights across the site was identified as an obvious target with the added benefit of much lower ongoing running costs.

We employed external experts to educate us and help plot the journey ahead with energy efficiency initiatives and better understand of the technology available. Between 2014 and 2019 we managed to reduce our footprint by an amazing 28%, rising to 33% by April 2022. Whilst Covid has slowed our progress over the past 2 years, in 2021 we embarked on a further investment in our floodlights to use more LED bulbs – switching our 2000w halogens for 900w LEDs across all 6 outdoor courts. The energy reduction will be 70%. This investment was completed in April 2022. Overall we think a saving of 27% has been achieved on our electricity bill since 2014 (sadly of course this has been more than swallowed up by price increases!)

So what's next?

Our ambition is to keep sustainability at the top of our agenda – especially future proofing financially viable indoor tennis.

With all these changes, how does this impact you?

As we continue to embark on this journey without a true end, our aim is to change our culture and way of thinking so that all of these changes promote and lead us as a club into the future and that  these improvements become the norm. Whilst being integrated into our everyday activities and ever growing projects here at Halton.

And finally, a message from our Chairman

Halton Chairman, John Walker

Chairman, John Walker

“I was so pleased to introduce the vision of embarking on a journey to becoming carbon neutral at HTC some years ago. It’s great to see the progress being made by the team under Nick Leighton’s leadership with a reduction in our carbon footprint of over 30%.

I have been fortunate to lead a number of organisations over the last 30 years on this journey to a better and sustainable business model. Creating and working on the objective of environmental sustainability has been surprisingly good for economic performance due to the way it has made these companies more attractive to new customers as well as improving human and economic capital.

I believe we can build HTC to be the first truly carbon neutral sports facility as well as delivering superior value to our members, customers, creating a brilliant environment for personal growth.”

Our Carbon Consultant, Karl Walker

Karl Walker

Our Carbon Consultant, Karl Walker

Karl is our carbon guru, the Director of Carbon Free Group and COO of Power Transition.

He is a sustainability/energy entrepreneur providing organisational and project planning, strategy and implementation with over 20 years of expertise in major infrastructure, planning, building design and construction. He led the green agenda for the UK’s most sustainable public building. Brent Civic Centre achieved six Sustainability Awards including; Edie Sustainability Leaders Award, 2013, the RIBA Regional Sustainability Award, 2014 and the BREEAM Mixed Use Award, 2015. Karl advised on Bank Station Upgrade, Crossrail and HS2 and also developed the Phase 1, sustainability strategy for the £4 billion Thames Tideway Tunnel, whilst at AECOM.

Karl is a director of the Carbon Free Group (CIC) and a shareholder of Brakkn Ltd, an energy campaign consultancy and social enterprise (B Corp) specialising in transitioning homes and business to low carbon and renewable energy.

Read Karl’s full biography here

If anyone is interested in knowing more about what we are doing or have some interest or expertise in participating please contact Nick Leighton.



We recently hosted the wedding of our very own Olly Taylor and his new wife Hannah! We wish the happy couple all the best and were proud to provide the Clubhouse for the event. See a few photos of the day below.

Wedding photography by Ami Louisa Photography

Meeting facilities

Meeting facilities

For business meetings & workshops, our conference room is the latest addition to Halton’s magnificent facilities: a recreation room in which to relax and socialise as well as a professionally staffed, conference and meeting venue for hire set in the inspirational and nurturing environment that is Halton.

Our conference room is for hire on an inclusive day-delegate rate including catering, or on a room only basis for a full day, part day or evening.

To make an enquiry, receive a quote or if you have any questions, contact Ellen Moret.

Conference facilities at Halton



  • 8m x 8m, pillarless with lots of natural light


  • Board: 12
  • Horseshoe: 12
  • Hollow square: 16
  • Classroom (2 per table): 20
  • Theatre: 40
  • Dining: 40
  • Cocktail: 50

Equipment and AV

  • Wi-Fi included
  • Flipchart board and paper
  • Dry-wipe magnetic glass white board
  • 60in TV with HDMI connection
  • Projector (HDMI connection)
  • Built-in Audio with media centre
  • Tea and coffee making equipment


We are proud that we have been chosen by Red Cross Training as host venue for their 1, 2 and 3 day first aid courses since 2016.

Our conference room has been used in many creative ways in its first few years of operation: training courses for podcast and radio producers (“good technical facilities”); executive board meetings (“certainly be booking it again”); U3A art groups; county tennis association management committee meetings; WalkActive courses; a corporate HR department using it as a base to come and interview local condidates…

Need a room for something, almost anything? Talk to us before you decide that it can’t be done.

To make an enquiry, receive a quote or if you have any questions, contact Ellen Moret.

Sponsors & Partners

Sponsors & Partners

We are very grateful for the continued support of a number of members and local businesses, who provide both financial support and the gift of their time/expertise to help the growth and success of Halton. Many have been a part of the Tennis Centre for over 10 years and are true ‘fans’, whether sponsors, partners or suppliers. Thank you.

Our sponsors

Our partners

Our suppliers

Kings Farm Shop logo

Having moved from another club it has been very noticeable just what a friendly, positive and professional Club Halton is.

— Richard, member

Meet our People

Meet our People

Halton Tennis Centre (HTC) is a non-profit making charity that reinvests its surplus to improve our services and facilities every year. Over 65 people currently work at Halton – a mix of part-time & full time, employed & self-employed, making us one of the largest local employers and a positive contribution to the local community. Our people are our strength, and we invest much time and energy in training – our small office team alone have a combined service of over 50 years!

HTC is a charity and Limited Company, and has trustees and Directors. The annual return is posted at Companies House and the Charities Commission.

Meet the directors and some of the staff who manage the Centre and look after our members below. You can meet our coaches here and our gym staff on our gym website here.

Nick Leighton

Nick Leighton

Founder Director & CEO

Having played at Halton initially for the RAF in the 1980's and from 1990 as a member of the Halton Village Club, Nick has a decades-long association with Halton. Involved 'off court' since 2001, he initially helped with the creation of Halton Tennis Centre and then its subsequent growth over the past 2 decades, moving from the traditional committee to a semi professional and then professional-led environment enabling us to build more indoor tennis courts and create our gym in 2009.

"I am very humbled and proud to play a part in not just creating a great place to play tennis and meet friends but also to create many employment opportunities for young people. I look forward to leading Halton onto its next adventure as we engage in a new sustainable indoor tennis project and provide a lead in becoming carbon neutral."

Gill Roe

Gill Roe

Director / Trustee

Dublin-born Gill first set foot at Halton Tennis Centre in 1972 when her RAF husband was posted to the nearby station. She joined Halton Tennis Club then and remained a member ever since, working locally in The Radiochemical Centre in Amersham.

With a background of financial administration, and after retiring from her last industry position with Johnson & Johnson in 2004, Gill became a permanent fixture at Halton and is now the first point of contact for enquiries and membership.

Camilla Hayward

Camilla Hayward

Office Administrator

Camilla is a qualified Tennis coach and LTA referee but currently her main role at Halton Tennis Centre is helping with the Club Administration, in particular managing the Gym membership and supporting the Everyball Coaching team in an administrative role.

Ellen Moret

Ellen Moret

Office Administrator

Ellen, a longstanding member, sold her retail business in 1998 and joined the team in the office. She's a Dutch national who enjoys the hustle and bustle of a busy club, has been the Club's Fixture Secretary for many years, as well as Social Secretary, and looks after the Tennis Membership. She is also your port of call to hire our conference facilities and the club's office spaces.

Pete Taylor

Pete Taylor


Pete has played a key role over the past decade in creating and maintaining arguably one of the most impressive set of facilities seen in a tennis club. His knowledge and passion for the club are unrivalled.

Ollie Taylor

Ollie Taylor


Ollie has been part of the grounds and maintenance team at Halton Tennis Centre for over six years, but has been involved in large-scale projects and event assistance at the club since he was sixteen years old. His role as Operations Manager, in developing the club’s grounds and facilities, is supported by his background; he has two degrees in art and design and a specialism in carpentry and furniture.

Halton Chairman, John Walker

John Walker

Founder Director and Chairman of Halton Tennis Centre

John started his working life as a professional soccer player, but injury led him to instead pursue a career in finance. Joining Heuga in Holland in the early seventies he became group finance director in 1978. After acquisition by Interface he had profit responsibility stretching from Western Europe to Australia and Japan and pioneered the opening of a number of businesses in Eastern Europe. He also helped develop Interface into becoming the first name in industrial ecology and a truly sustainable enterprise. Retiring as the President and CEO of Interface Europe and Asia Pacific John has since set up and helped to develop a number of successful businesses: change management consultants, a nursing home group specialising in care for mentally ill patients, software development among others. He sits on a number of company boards and is our proud Chairman.

Damian Gange

Damian Gange

Founder Director

Damian has had a very long and distinguished career in the RAF Physical Education branch, as well as being a Halton stalwart - winning the RAF champs many times and being fundamental in the growth and participation of tennis in the RAF. As one of the four Founder-Directors of Halton Tennis Centre, Damian was instrumental in guiding through the changes and setting the standards that allowed the centre to flourish into its current form. Damian also qualified as a Level 4 Coach and even in retirement still coaches part-time at his local club.

Rob Pain

Rob Pain

Director / Trustee

After a start in teaching Rob gained over 30 years’ experience within the financial services industry. Initially working at Target Group and AXA in various sales, business development and marketing roles, he then joined Friends Provident in 1991 to set up its Agency Division. After a number of senior roles in Customer Services, and Business Process Outsourcing, he joined Friends Provident International in 2005 as Sales Director and a member of the Board. He then moved on to Investors Trust Assurance as Managing Director and then Executive Chairman. He is also the Chair of the Association of International Life Companies, the trade body that represents the international life insurance industry. He lives in Weston Turville with his wife, Julie, and has 4 children. He is a keen sportsmen still playing football and of course tennis.

Chris Duffin

Chris Duffin

Director / Trustee

Bio coming soon.

Mark Campion

Mark Campion

Director / Trustee

Mark is Executive Chairman of Campion Willcocks. Mark immerses himself in knowledge leadership and sharing, and coaching on people and process change. His passions are work, family and rugby. A non-executive Director of the RPA (Rugby Players’ Association) since 2003, he helps shape strategy, goals and success. He is also Trustee of Restart, the RPA Benevolent Fund. Of all his roles, Mark cites playing ‘touchline Dad’ as the most nerve-wracking. Mark is Vice Chairman of FTF (fund raising committee for Fields in Trust) a FRIEND of the Mary Rose Trust and supporter of the Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

About the Club

About the Club

We are located on the border of Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire – ideally placed for anyone living within a 20 minute radius, such as the following nearby towns & villages: Wendover, Tring, Chalfonts, Chesham, Amersham, Chesham Bois, Gerrards Cross, Beaconsfield, Aylesbury, Stoke Mandeville, Great Missenden, Princes Risborough, Weston Turville, Aston Clinton and Haddenham.

We pride ourselves on the warm welcome we give to everyone who comes to the Club, reflected in our ethos here at Halton:

Each talented, each different, but all valued.

We offer all the benefits of a large commercial tennis centre, set in a tranquil area with superb facilities including 16 courts (10 outdoor and 6 indoor), 3-court indoor Mini zone, a superb health and fitness club and Clubhouse Café & Bar.

In addition, we are probably the most family friendly club in the country – so while the kids enjoy a lesson or game of tennis with their friends, you can relax with a coffee and newspaper in our lovely Rothschild Clubhouse. Whether you want to stretch yourself at a competitive level, escape from the winter weather with some indoor tennis, or visit to use the gym or meet friends for lunch, Halton is a great place to stay fit and healthy.

We look forward to welcoming you soon. For all enquiries or to book a visit please contact the office.

Halton pavilion and grounds, 1906

Halton pavilion and grounds, 1906

Our history

The Tennis Centre has an intriging history – starting out life as a cricket pitch and pavilion in the early 1900s. The earliest images we have of the site date back to its beginnings such as the wonderful photo above showing our Rothschild pavilion and lawns and the team photo below.

Cricket at the pavilion, 1909

Cricket Club, 1909

Pavilion and canal, 1920

Pavilion and canal (where air domes currently are), 1920

Early history and the Royal Air Force

The site was given to the RAF, around 1919, along with Halton House and all the surrounding land by the owners (the Rothschild family) for use as a training camp during World War I.

In 1929, the cricket pitch was replaced with grass tennis courts for use by the Officers of RAF Halton. As a self-sufficient base, the RAF had a large farm and numerous greenhouses located just behind our current stand and a large vegetable patch where our current air domes are located. The canal was also in use by boats trading goods, and a large turnaround area for them was once located in the area behind the air domes. It was later moved towards Weston Turville, due to the large number of mosquitoes that resulted, and the turnaround filled in.

Halton has been home to Royal Air Force Tennis since those early days. In addition to matches and training sessions throughout the year, each summer sees the RAF Championships held here, before the RAF team head to Wimbledon to take on the Army & Navy in the annual Inter-Service Championships.

RAF Championships, 1977

RAF Championships, 1977

Halton Village Lawn Tennis Club

In the 1950s, due to falling player numbers, all ranks were allowed to use the facilities and then, in 1983, local civilians were also welcomed to play; the Halton Village Lawn Tennis Club (HVLTC) was born with about 100 members. The first airdome was erected by the RAF in 1979, to provide year-round tennis, and was the first of its kind in the UK; read a vintage magazine article from 1980.

Our outdoor courts have also had a few different lives – the 2 hard courts by the clubhouse were ‘shale’, the old fashioned messy red clay surface, until the mid-1980s when they changed to the tar macadam we have today. The other 2 hard courts suffered badly from moss, and in 2004 were changed to artificial grass. The 6 courts directly outside the clubhouse have been grass (1929 – 1985), artificial grass (1985 – 1995), acrylic (1995 – 2002) and currently are artificial grass once again.

Aerial view, 1999

Aerial view, 1999

Halton Tennis Centre

Following a fall in use by the RAF in the late 1990s, and pressure on finances, in 2001 it was decided to create a partnership between the RAFLTA and HVLTC (previously just a tenant), to try and create a sustainable future. The Halton Tennis Centre (HTC) was created to encompass both sides of the Club, with a 99 year lease enabling us to have security of tenure for the first time in our history, and invest in a long term future.

Many of our members, both RAF and civilian have long associations with Halton, and over the years have given generously of their time and expertise. In 2007, a number also supported the Centre with loans to help us complete a major facilities project which included extra indoor courts, 3 court mini zone, 2 outdoor courts and a comprehensive Health & Fitness Club.

Celebrating the Centenary, 2006

Celebrating the Centenary, 2006

Clubhouse interior before remodelling, 2006

Clubhouse interior, prior to remodelling, 2006

Nick Bollettieri running a clinic for juniors in 2008

Nick Bollettieri running a junior clinic at Halton, 2008

Modern Milestones

1979 1st indoor bubble or airdome in the UK (costing £80k)
1982 Club welcomes local civilians for the first time
1983 Halton Village Lawn Tennis Club (HVLTC) officially begins
2002 RAF Tennis & the Village Club created the HTC umbrella organisation
2003 Health & Fitness Club opened in old Ladies changing room!
2006 Celebration of the site’s Centenary
2007 LTA High Performance Centre status achieved – one of only 2 clubs in the UK
2008 2nd indoor bubble/dome built, including the only indoor Mini Zone in the UK
2009 The Gym at Halton launches in its own bespoke building
2011 Outdoor Mini Courts introduced
2013 Introduction of new outdoor 3-court Mini Zone
2014 Skills Zone multi-sport area launched
2021 New Physio suite introduced

Aerial view, 2015

Aerial view, 2015