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Great fun, great people, great coaching...not only the highlight of my tennis week but the highlight of my week full stop!

Scott Buckle

Rusty Rackets & Beginners

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Tennis is a lot of fun and we love to include everyone who wants to have a go - you'll love the social aspect and it’s great for fitness too. If you're new to tennis or would like to improve your skills with similar level players, then you'll find a warm welcome at Halton. The perfect way to start is with a Rusty Rackets session – it’ll help you get more out of your game.

Sessions are open to full adult members* and are ideal if you’d like to progress to regular club sessions. Our aims are to hit lots of tennis balls, do some drills and games, and offer some hints & tips on the game of doubles. Coaching courses for beginners are also available. Plus, Rusty Fun tournaments are held twice a year in March and October and are a fun afternoon of doubles (each round with a different set of rules and scoring systems), followed by a match tea and an evening out to celebrate.

* GTAG and Parent members may attend one of the two Rusty Racket sessions each week as part of their membership benefits.

What our Rusties say

"The Rusty Racquets programme is the most brilliant way to get into (or back into) playing. You'll drill, run, hit balls, laugh, hit more balls, run some more and have so much fun you won't want to stop. I'd recommend Halton - and the amazing team at its heart - to everyone who wants to get fitter, improve their court skills or just play some seriously fun tennis."


Day Time Organiser
Thurs 7 - 8:30pm Nick Leighton/Andy Maclean
Sat 4 - 5.30pm Nick Leighton/Andy Maclean

Sessions include use of indoor courts during inclement weather.

Rusties during a session