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Box leagues have revolutionised our members' matchplay - as a result our teams in the leagues are far stronger and the players more competitive.

Mike James

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Box leagues

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Started in 2011, the box leagues have brought a completely new dimension to traditional club tennis and have really caught the imagination of many members who want more competitive tennis. It's also had an added benefit for members to meet others that they perhaps wouldn't normally come across in club sessions.

We run singles and doubles box league matches (similar to ladders) all year round for all members who want additional fun and competitive tennis in a relaxed club environment. Join more than 140 players who take part in our box leagues.

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Our Box League matches are structured with 4-5 matches to be played in rounds lasting 7-8 weeks. Matches should take no more than 1 hour to complete and promotion or relegation is then evaluated after each round. These leagues are perfect for all levels of player who are keen to meet new people, play some competitive singles and doubles tennis, or simply to sharpen their skills for club team tennis. Both singles and doubles matches are the best of 3 short sets to 4 games. If a third set is needed then this is played as a 10-point championship tie break to decide the match. This format gives you the chance to be competitive to the very end and even the loser(s) gets points for playing!! The top players / pairs at the end of the league will be invited to compete in the end of year ‘Tour Finals’ on a Sunday in April.