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Racket stringing at Halton

Friendly staff with a passion for tennis - there's a real buzz which can positively rub off onto everyone associated.

Mr Reddy

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Babolat Stringer Team
& Master Stringer

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Don't let loose strings spoil your serve - to keep an even tension, it's recommended that you restring your racket once a year if you play once a week and every six months if you play twice a week.

Routine re-grips of your racket on a monthly basis are advised for over grips, and always when they start showing signs of wear. Tiny movements of the handle in your hand on contact can make a major difference to the accuracy of a shot – so it's a worthwhile investment (think of car tyres!)

1% of difference/movement in the angle of your racket =
4ft of difference to where your shot goes

What we sell

We are an official supplier of Babolat rackets and equipment, in partnership with Berkhamsted Sports shop, where discounts are also available to members.

  • Rackets - new and second hand rackets available from £30 for adults and £20 for juniors
  • Restringing service - 24 hour service available on request. Prices from £20 depending on strings chosen - we have a range of string types and can advise on string tensions to suit different playing standards and styles
  • Grips - replacement grips are £8 and over grips £3 each, fitted free
  • Balls - you can purchase balls from reception
Stringing by professional stringers at Halton