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Every coach has a smile on their face and always has time for encouraging words with every player.  A very positive environment.

Richard Hill, parent

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Everyball International Tennis Academy, Halton

We are the proud home of Everyball coaching, run by Mike James, our Director of Tennis. His hand-picked team are chosen to assist players of all levels from beginners to performance players and young players seeking progression to professional play. Coaching is available to non-members and members alike, for individuals and groups) and the team bring many years experience and knowledge to customers who appreciate their attention to detail and love of the game - they pride themselves on delivering the Everyball motto of "educate, motivate and inspire", and run over 50 courses for adults and juniors annually.

Our Everyball Ethos is unique and challenges the players to be the best they can be. All our programmes include a special focus on 4 key life skills: Respect, Resilience, Responsibility & Reflection - click here to read more.

Coaching lessons are available in small groups or individually. Costs are dependent on qualifications/experience and range from £25-£35 (indoor lessons incur additional court fees). Contact any of our coaches below. If you would like to raise any issues or just have a chat with our Welfare & Safeguarding Officer, please contact Tom Mayer on tommayer@everyball.net or 07771 701629.

Everyball Tennis Senior Leadership Team

Mike James, Director of Tennis

Mike James

07958 008312 |
Director of Tennis

I learned to play tennis on a court built by my Father in Langata, just outside Nairobi in Kenya, and there began a love affair with the sport that was further ignited on the hard courts of Tucson, Arizona where I played High School and Division 1 College tennis (at The University of Arizona,  studying History and English) and continues today in my role as Director of Tennis for Halton Tennis Centre and founder of it's coaching brand and provider Everyball Tennis.

20 plus years working in British Tennis has seen me work as a County Performance Officer for Bucks and Herts, National Performance Officer for Scotland, travel extensively across Europe and work with a number of top national and internationally ranked junior players, several going on to successful professional careers, either as players or coaches.

I am currently a lead tutor on the LTA's Level 4 Senior Performance Coach Qualification and a Mentor to candidates on the Level 5 Master Performance Coach Award. More local to home in Buckinghamshire I work as consultant to the Bucks LTA Aspirantes Programme, designed to help coaches and clubs develop their programmes and young players.  I'm extremely passionate about the 'coaching of coaches' and have a wonderful opportunity to learn from the exceptional tutors I work with as well as the superb young candidates coming through into the profession.

A fascination with personal change, organisational and cultural development, performance teamwork, and developing the mindset for success has led me to explore the work of the 'performance coach' across other sports and into business and industry as well as partnering in the development of our own in-house 'Eupsychia' programmes at Halton Tennis Centre, now housed under CHILDS.

Through this I have worked with teams from organisations such as Lane 4, The Mediaport, The Youth Sport Trust and the senior leadership team of Aylesbury Grammar School, as well as gain from a number of powerful mentors and coaches.

In 2012 I became an NLP and Sport Psychology practitioner through Louise Deeley of 'Inside Performance' to add to my qualification as a Heart Math Coach through 'Beyond the Barriers' in 2011.

One of my current projects is developing Halton Tennis Centre's arm for learning and development - 'The Chiltern Institute for Learning, Development and Sport' (CHILDS) which houses all our training and development programmes (including Eupsychia) as well as a developing mission to support and grow sport in the Chiltern area.


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James Morgan - Head Coach

James Morgan

07981 152818 |
Head Coach and Programmes Director

I began playing tennis at the age of 11 after seeing a Davis Cup match on Channel 4 in December. I was immediately hooked after watching Stefan Edberg play and his graceful cat like movement at the net! I asked for tennis kit for my birthday in March the following year, and was also given lessons for the Easter break. After working really hard for 5 months after I had started playing, I attended a county sift day at Halton and was offered county training.

I played competitively up until the age of 19 and then began to immerse myself in coaching. I had my own coaching business serving private houses and clubs in Herts and Essex, before being asked to join the team at Gosling Sports Park in Welwyn Garden City.

At Gosling I was one of the senior coaches and also began to captain the Hertfordshire County under 14 boys team and deliver coaching within the Hertfordshire performance program. I also became tennis development officer at Gosling where I managed an extensive coaching program, helping to give me the experience for my role today.

It was at Gosling that I met Mike James as we started working together with his role as County Performance Officer (CPO) and my role as assistant to the CPO.

We delivered the county coaching program, developed the Herts LTA ‘Pride Program’ and worked with a host of players winning national championships before we both left to head up the coaching program at Halton Tennis Centre in April 2002.

I joined Halton in 2002 with a reputation for being a ‘detail’ man with lots of patience.

Coming with a strong track record with 14 & under players, I captained our U12 boys to ‘Aegon Team Tennis’ National honours.

I have also coached a number of players to European and International junior rankings and a player to the semi-finals of the Boys 14 & Under National Championships. I have travelled extensively in Europe with juniors to compete in Tennis Europe events.

My role as Head Coach at Halton Tennis Centre sees me organise all of the Junior teams, and be the first point of call for all coaching activity in my role as Programme Manager at Everyball.

Over the last few years I have helped to build a highly successful outreach program as I continue to invest my time in the Aspire to Reach, Play and Perform components of the Everyball coaching program.

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Jemima King

Jemima King

07970 815893 |
Head Coach

Previously a top junior player, Jemima began coaching at Halton in 2005 after a successful US College career at Boise State.  She is responsible for Everyball's Academy sessions and has a key role in the club's Performance Programme.  She also runs USTS, a company that helps prospective students to secure scholarships at American universities.  Jemima is still playing to a high level and is an integral member of the Buckinghamshire County team as well as being Halton's joint Ladies Club Captain.  Jemima is a motivational coach whose endless energy and enthusiasm help players of all ages and abilities to realise their potential.

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Danny West

Danny West

07748 633671 |
Head Coach Tring Tennis Club, Head of Holiday Camps

Danny is our Holiday Camp Director, running what we believe are some of the most successful tennis and multi-sport camps in the country. He also leads our very successful Saturday morning club development programme. He is a strong all-rounder, having coached Barney Smith to U10 National Champion, but his passion lies in hooking all levels of players into the game and keeping them playing for life. This has been demonstrated by his hugely popular Club Performance Squad, know simply as 'Danny's squad'. On any given week, this amounts to approximately 20 teenagers, meeting once a week to play, socialise, and get ignited by the game and Danny's expertise. At the other end of the journey, Danny coaches a number of veterans who are well into their 70's and 80's but still playing due to Danny's care and enthusiasm.

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Alan Hutcherson

Alan Hutcherson

07919 576622 |
Head of Aspirantes, 8&U programmes

Alan was one of the region’s top juniors, who went to Australia and came back a tennis coach. You know his pupils – they all have great forehands! Alan is also responsible for U10 players and our nationally acclaimed ‘Aspirantes’ programme, when not stringing rackets.

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Dominic King

Dominic King

07779 023845 |
Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach, Head of Athlete Development

Dom is an Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCC) as well as holding numerous other professional qualifications. His responsibility is to oversee the Sports Science delivery; this can encompass strength & conditioning, mental & emotional training and nutrition & lifestyle management. Dom also acts as a point of reference for players, coaches, parents and the LTA, among others. Dom also trains athletes from a number of other sports as well as tennis social members and also those with a more general health and wellbeing goal.

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Neale Proud

Neale Proud

07971 963472 |

Neale joined us in 2012 from Batchwood High Performance Centre in St Albans, where he has spent the last 5 years working with county, regional & national U10 players as well as setting up one of the UK’s largest Mini-Tennis Talent ID & Performance programmes. Prior to becoming a full-time tennis coach he spent several years in management training & development, and is convinced this experience has given him a “sixth sense” when it comes to getting the most out of the players he works with. Neale has a great affinity with young players, and presses every motivational button to make the most of every child's talent.

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Alex Barnes

Alex Barnes

07582 159583 |
Head of Disability Tennis

Alex is our youngest coach having come through our junior ranks; playing a very impressive game, he also has a passion for disability tennis and works at local special needs schools as well as individual and group sessions at Halton across the entire disability spectrum.

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Ed Taylor

Ed Taylor

07852 747172 |

Ed has returned to Halton having been away for a period of time to go and chase his ambition to play full time tennis and compete internationally.

Below he describes his experience and his reasons for returning to Halton as a Coach:

"I remember the first session I had at Living Tennis at Bisham Abbey was a fitness session at 7 am and all the younger players who had been at full time tennis a lot longer than me were outlasting me at everything and I was knackered to say the least even after just the warm up! This drove me to push myself more and more and within no time I had caught up and was also beginning to perform well on the court.

Countless early mornings and late nights on court and in the gym helped build my character and resilience. I kept telling myself every morning at 5:45 that I was getting up to pursue a life goal which helped my mind-set for the morning sessions and for the rest of the day. Of course some days I would struggle to motivate myself and I would lose hope but once I stepped on court I would lose myself in the hard work.

I carried on training full time whilst supporting myself with coaching work in the evenings. I would do one fitness and one tennis session in the morning then a second fitness and tennis session in the afternoon, a total of 5 hours of training a day followed by coaching in the evenings which ranged from performance squads to private sessions and schools.

I managed to travel abroad and play a few tournaments alongside domestic competition. I was clearly improving and it was all great experience as I learned so many new skills while being away, connecting to so many new people and being able to talk and communicate with different people from different countries.

A time has now come in my life where my goals and ambitions are changing and I am ready to come back home to Halton and pursue my career as a coach. I see myself continuing to stay close to the 'playing' side of the game by being able to travel with players and use my experiences that I have gained, whilst also coaching across all ages and abilities as I simply enjoy helping others get better and seeing the joy they get from the process! The relationships I have built and will continue to build over the next years are so valuable to me and I have already met some extraordinary people through our amazing sport!

I am very grateful to Halton for encouraging me to explore my dreams and ambitions and always supporting me and I am delighted to be able to say that I have come back home to develop my coaching career at Halton and Everyball Tennis."

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Roy Knight

Roy Knight

07857 929886 |

I first started playing tennis at the age of 8 in Cornwall and I have been hooked ever since! As a junior I loved travelling all over the country playing competitively. Some of my best achievements include winning several grade 3 events and playing in the national championships, reaching a UK junior Ranking of 12. I have represented Cornwall from under 10 through to senior level and continue to do so today! At the age of 18 I moved to Louisiana in the United States to play Division 1 Tennis for 4 years, which was a fantastic experience and has helped me a lot since I have began coaching. I still love the challenge of competing and try to get on court as much as I can!

I began coaching in 2014 in Cornwall with TDA Tennis, where my role varied between working with Performance Players and being head coach of a club in St Austell, where I worked with people of all ages and playing experience. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. During this time I gained my level 3 coaching qualification.

I am very honoured to be given the opportunity to be part of the coaching team at Everyball Tennis. I have a huge passion for tennis and I am extremely excited to share my energy and enthusiasm for the game with everyone in the Everyball programme!

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Camilla Hayward

Camilla Hayward

07748 596607 |
Mini Tennis Club Manager

Camilla has been a member of Halton Tennis Club for more than 18 years.  Having taught at a local pre-school for 12 years, she coaches in the Mini Tennis programme at Halton as a Level 2 Coach and is the Mini Tennis Club Manager.  She is also the Club's Press Officer and helps with Club administration.

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Tim Ineson

Tim Ineson

07985 412025 |

Tim has played racket sports extensively from a young age and regularly represented his home county of Gloucestershire in both tennis and squash. He was selected for the University of Warwick tennis squad as well as playing for a number of different club teams. Tim started coaching at Berkhamsted in early 2009 and has continued to build a great reputation as a skilled, patient and encouraging coach.

Tim also recently launched the "TST - Tennis at Ashlyns" Saturday morning programme which is a project that runs in parallel with football training. The programme has already exposed 40+ new players (children and adults) to the sport and continues to grow each term.

In 2016 Tim, along with Mike James, will be trialling the TST programme, this time directly twinning tennis training sessions with partner sports.

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Christian Colvin

Christian Colvin

07909 352866 |

Chris joins our team from The Wimbledon Club, SW19 just across from the All England! He has a real passion for working with players of all levels that want to perform to the best of their ability. He joins our team with a diverse coaching background.

He began his coaching career as a 21 year old as the Head Coach of his local tennis club where he began to inspire a significant increase in junior coaching, developing a schools outreach program and an adult coaching program.

With a desire to further himself Christian then took on the role as Head of Mini Performance at Withdean Indoor Tennis centre gaining valuable experience while working with a group of National 12&U players. Alongside this he helped Sussex LTA with their county cup training.

During his time at Withdean Christian qualified as an LTA Level 4 Senior Performance Coach which then led him into his next role working at the High Performance Centre in Brighton travelling and coaching players at national and international level at all ages.

Christian is now a current candidate on the LTA Level 5 Master Club Coach Qualification. His passion for helping people to identify, gather and mobilise all that they have to go as far as they can is why Christian is so passionate to join the Everyball team as his own personal values and beliefs are very much in line with the Halton and Everyball ethos"

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Sam Kilhams

Sam Kilhams

07833 918748 |

I was introduced to tennis age 7 by a coach from my local tennis club in Chichester West Sussex. The coach was running a taster session at my primary school and I enjoyed the experience enough to spend the next week badgering my parents to take me along to a session at the club. My persistence paid off and the next week I went along to a Saturday morning pay and play session. The enthusiasm I had for the game after that first session grew in the following months and before long I was competing in tournaments on a frequent basis.

I had many ups and downs throughout my junior competition years, but fortunately I had enough success that it enabled me to play for my home county at every age group, regularly attend both regional and national training camps and play competitive tennis all over the UK. As a senior I have continued to represent Sussex whenever possible, and have been a frequent competitor on the British Tour circuit. Despite the fact I am no longer competing on a regular basis, I do still enjoy playing the game when I can and also aspire to engage in multiple sports competitively for as long as I am able to do so.

During my college years I had the opportunity to be a part of the LTA AASE scheme at Brighton Health and Rackets Club, which I completed in 2011. During this time I accomplished both my LTA level 1 & 2 coaching qualifications and begun assisting with sessions on weekends and school holidays. This peaked my interest in more coaching, so following this period I immediately went on to complete my LTA Level 3 in 2012. I then decided to start coaching full time at the same club in Chichester where I had first picked up a racket. This gave me an excellent platform to gain experience as a coach. I was able to assist many different players from toddlers at the start of their journey, to competitive teenage athletes, to veterans of the game at 65+. Every one of them helped me learn and develop as a coach and person.

Completing my Level 4 SCC in 2016 and joining the Everyball team at Halton in 2017, has been a big step forwards and I am excited for the new challenges and experiences that lay ahead. I especially look forward to playing my part in helping Halton continue to play a leading role in British tennis. I am grateful to have the opportunity to help people get closer to achieving their goals in tennis everyday and I aim to continually improve my capabilities as a coach and character as a person, so that those goals are more likely to be achieved for both myself and my players.

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Seb Callcut

Seb Callcut

07872 559532  | Email Seb

I’ve been coaching for 7 years, working with all ages and abilities. From toddlers, once-a-weekers (people using the game to keep fit, to team players and every colour ball and junior players), performance players competing at ITF and brit tours. I am also currently the under-14 girls county coach for Bucks and have been doing this role for the 3 years.

Prior to tennis I completed my BSc (hons) in Sport and Exercise Science from Aberystwyth University, where I was captain of the mens first team for 2 years and chairman of the club in my 3rd year.

I also still love competing in the NPL doubles league over winter and aegon in the spring/summer, and was also part of the Bucks men county team last year for the winter county cup. I'm really excited about getting involved in all aspects of Halton club life - see you on court!

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